Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why are we here?

Welcome to my blog. The first thing you should know is I don't like grapefruit. The quote, from Douglas Adams, at the top of the page represents perfectly my outlook on life: it doesn't make a damn bit of sense. The harder you try to make sense of it, the less meaningful it becomes. Coming to terms with that is difficult, there's some balance of control and and acceptable chaos that is very difficult to define. So how can you tell if you are in control of your life or in the clutches of an international organization of evil? How can you tell if you are overstressed or just stressed enough? Are you winning or losing? What's the game anyway?!?

Future posts will be divided into two categories:

Posts titled as "Pips" are daily drivel that some select family members may enjoy reading and will include the day to day antics of one Nate, Amanda and Alex.

Posts titled "Breakfast" will be my attempt to eat the grapefruit (remember, the deeper meaning of that statement as at best, suspect, and is in all likelihood totally meaningless) and will contain my rants, rhetorical rubbish and musings, and can therefore be ignored. Mostly they are for me and my battle to understand the grapefruit of life.

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