Friday, November 28, 2008

Pips (Alex)

Alex, now a full 16 months contiues to impress. Aside from bieng a little clingy around his parents, he's very independant and can entertain himself for long periods of time. He just grabbed a bowl of cereal off the table and his feeding himself. The boy loves fruit loops. It's easy to see the gears turning now as he figures stuff out - he mastered the old-school pop up seseme street freinds in about 5 minutes (including the tricky Oscar the Grouch dial.)

He's starting to get more comfortable at Daycare, he still cries when I first give him up, but ususally within a few minutes he's laughing and playing. He loves hanging out with the other kids. His social interactions with other people has also improved as a result.
Alex has finally recovered from his 3rd ear infection. Hopefully he doesn't get anymore lest his doctor start uttering the evil "tubes" word. Other than that he is pretty much indestructable - he's taken some pretty wicked spills, and as often as not will keep right on going. A few weeks ago he lost his balance and fell on his face - bloodied his nose- and he only cried for a minute. After I put him down he proceeded to run about, happy as a clam, with blood still ozzing from his nose. Future lacrosse player I guess.

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