Sunday, December 11, 2011

And Yet....

What is a blog for? Seems to me most blogs are largely self serving; creating importance where there is none. I stopped writing in this blog for just that reason- I'm just not that interesting. I'm not that well read, nor do I have particularly strong or conversational opinions to force on the world. So why bother?

And yet, the world spins at 1000 miles per hour, and so it seems, does my head. Alex is 4, I'm almost 30. Nicole is 21 months old, and does something fantastic on a daily basis. Work fills my head with numbers, complications, politics and general shenaniganery. Will I remember this time? Of course. Will I remember last week Tuesday? Not a cold chance in hell. Will I remember Alex's trip to see santa? Unlikely.

There's just to much stuff. I've always said it's better to be busy than bored, but this is ridiculous. I don't want to remember the blur, I want to remember the moments. Photos are fake moments in time where everyone smiles despite their true feelings, propaganda for the future. Words carry feeling. So I write. Not for anyone's particular consumption. Not to make a difference... not to be heard. I will write to remember all the insanity from the craziest part of my life.

So what's happened since November of 2008.... holy crap. There's been the birth of my daughter. There's been a recession carrying sweeping layoffs, promotions, and career changing moments. There's been a project car, a motorcycle trip and a finished (nearly) basement. There's been an epic blizzard and continuing battle with fitness. There's been epic bar nights, car accidents and fantastic broomball goals. Christmases, Halloweens and a million moments with my family... Three years gone in a blur, seemingly a blink. Impossible to catalogue, to reconcile.

And so I write again.